Simple recipes have the biggest success among pastry shop clients! Easily recognizable taste and texture catch the eye and invite you to taste it. Meet our recipe of chocolate pie and feel the attractive power of basic and easy-to-make pastries!
Preparation time - 3 hour 15 minutes
Active time - 50 minutes
Сalories - 429 calories per 100 g
Chocolate pies recipe by the brand chef of KICA Academy Aleksandr Trofimenkov made with only two components: shortbread dough and chocolate batter. Crunchy aroma shortbread is the base for the rich chocolate batter. The combination of crumble shortcrust and moist filling in the chocolate pies awoke a tender delicious feeling.

During the preparation you will learn:

You will start the preparation by shaping the shortbread base. This basic technique could be used for creating bases for different pastries, such as cheesecake, tart, or tartlet. Save this recipe and use it to create new exceptional desserts.

Then we will make a rich and moist chocolate batter, which is the main component of any chocolate pies recipe. The texture remains the fragrant brownie recipe with its royal chocolate texture. This recipe can be used not only in chocolate pie recipes but also as a filling for any other dessert.

To make the preparation of the recipe for chocolate pie easier you will make the most simple decoration - dusting with cocoa powder. The coating will compliment the chocolate flavor and create an attractive surface for the pie.

Let's go to the chocolate pie recipe!
  • 115 g of Maria biscuits or Digestive biscuit
Total weight: 185 g
  • 70 g of butter 82%
  1. Apply a thin layer of oil in spray over your metal ring. Stick a strip of parchment paper to the inside part of the ring.
  2. In a food processor, grind the biscuits into fine crumbs. Alternatively, use a rolling pin to turn them into crumbs. Sift the crumbs through the sieve to get an even fraction.
  3. In a separate bowl, melt the butter to 35-40 °C / 95-104 °F.
  4. Add melted butter to the chopped biscuits in the work bowl of the food processor and mix again or do the same manually by combining everything with a spatula in a mixing bowl. Once you squeeze the crumbs, a stable shortbread base has to form a lump without falling apart.
TIP: Feel free to adjust the amount of butter depending on how much fat the chosen biscuits contain.
5. Spread the shortbread 1 ring d=16 cm and h=4 cm. Use a bent spoon or a flat-bottomed glass to shape the bottom and the sides of the pie making sure the layer is uniform and the sides are equal in width.
6. Keep the shortbread base in the fridge or the freezer until assembling.
  • 133 g of dark chocolate 70%
  • 133 g of butter 82%
  • 75 g of sugar
  • 105 g of whole eggs
  • 1.5 g of sea salt
  • 37 g of all-purpose flour
Total weight: 486.5 g
  1. Put room temperature eggs, sugar, and sea salt into a mixer bowl to whip on maximum speed until the mass turns pale and fluffy.
TIP: Feel free to use other types of sugar instead of ordinary ones. Brown sugar or muscovado will bring a new unique aroma.
2. In the meantime, using a microwave or water bath, melt the chocolate and the butter to 45-50 °C / 113-122 °F in one bowl. The different cocoa content of chocolate allows you to play with the sweetness of the finished pie.
3. When the egg, sugar, and salt mixture is ready, set the low speed of your mixer and, in a thin thread, start to gradually pour the melted butter and chocolate mass.
4. Add the whole portion of the sifted flour inside the mixer bowl with the batter and mix at low speed only until homogenous avoiding any gluten forming.
5. Transfer the finished glossy batter to a clean bowl. It will have a smooth texture and flow like an uninterrupted ribbon.
  • Shortcrust base
  • Chocolate batter
  • Dark red cocoa powder 100 g
  • Dark chocolate for decoration 100 g
  1. Pour the chocolate batter into the well-cooled-down or frozen shortbread base. The raw batter should not come flush with the shortbread sides because it will rise slightly during baking.
  2. Put the pie in the oven to bake at 170 °C / 338 °F for about 15-20 minutes. The baking time may vary depending upon various oven characteristics.
  3. After baking, the pie is covered with a thin crust which hides a flabby texture inside. Mind not to overbake it. Otherwise, the filling will be too dry and not as tender and smooth as it is supposed to be.
  4. When the pie is still hot, grate some dark chocolate on the surface of the tart. Put the pie back in the oven for approximately 1 minute just to melt the chocolate.
  5. Get the pie from the oven. Let the baked pie cool down at room temperature for 30 minutes.
  6. Remove the baking ring carefully. Decorate the pie by sifting some red cocoa powder along its sides.
  7. The pie is better served warm at around 35 °C / 95 °F.

The questions, that could be appeared during the preparation process:

Feel the seductive power of chocolate pastries and please your friends and clients with new delicious emotions! Discover the secret of the perfect chocolate pie, and get inspired to make it in your kitchen, even with basic tools and ingredients. We are looking forward to see your result!
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