KICA Academy was founded in 2013 in Kyiv, Ukraine by pastry chef Tetyana Verbytska. Since then, the Academy has offered everyone the chance to interact with and learn from some of the world's best pastry chefs – both online and in person.

Our videos have allowed home cooks insights into how these professionals patissiers work, giving them access to their recopies and techniques. KICA courses have been run with some of the most famous names in the world of pastry – Cedric Grolet, Karim Bourgi, Dinara Kasko, Gregory Doyen, Antonio Bachour, and Nicolas Lambert, just to name a few.

Oleksandr Trofimekov, Brand Chef at KICA Academy, graduated from one of France's most prestigious pastry schools, ENSP. Every year, he holds dozens of live, free classes that are attended by hundreds of students, and he continues to make and publish popular recipe books with KICA Academy.

Pastry lovers from over 180 countries are now students at KICA Academy. Our courses cover everything from cakes, entremets, macarons, eclairs, chocolates and chocolate bars to gluten- and lactose-free pastries. More than 50 books filled with tried-and-tested recipes have been produced by KICA Academy, and are enjoyed by pastry lovers all across the world!

Prior to the COVID pandemic, KICA Academy was visited frequently by world-class pastry chefs. For several years, we also organized trips to French pastry schools for our students. Since 2020, we have held regular online webinars that are free for all students to attend.

Following the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, KICA Academy has continued its work, making books, videos and courses for its students. We offer a special four-month online diploma course, "The Big Basic Pastry Course", which teaches students about the theory and basics of pastry-making – if you pass the assessment, you'll receive your very own diploma from KICA Academy!

Aleksandr Trofimenkov
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