Privacy Policy

To ensure the functioning of the Websites, to provide Users necessary support and reasonable assistance working with them as well as for the other purposes specified below, the Administration collects, stores, protects, processes and distributes the information about the Website Users (personal data of a user) in accordance with the procedures established hereafter.


User Personal Data shall be stored in the personal database of the Website Administration with the right to use it by the Website Administration until the cancellation upon the User request.

The Website Administration respects the privacy of everyone who became the User of the Website. By accepting this agreement, the User shall give consent to collect and use the information about a User according to the provisions of Ukrainian Law on Protection of personal data and the policy of the Website Administration on Protection personal data. In addition, the User gives consent to the Website Administration to collect, use, transfer, process and support the information related to the account with the purpose of providing appropriate services.

The Website Administration is obliged to collect the personal information which the User provides voluntarily if it is needed to provide (improve) the services for a User.


The Website Administration collects the basic personal data such as first name, second name, patronymic, address and e-mail address as well as secondary (technical) data – cookies files, connection information, and system information.

In compliance with the Agreement herein personal data of a User include:

  • default data received automatically via http-server while accessing the Websites (host IP address, requested recourse address, time, type and information about the browser which sent the request, type of operating system of a User, the page address from which the transition to the requested resource was made, etc.);
  • data submitted by Users including, but not limited to the following: e-mail address (usernames) passwords, names, contact details;
  • other information received or formed via access to the Websites through different tools including cookies use: statistics on Websites views, the record of the volume of the received and transmitter information;
  • information received via using by the Website visitors their account in social media,,, and others for online experiences (authorization, voting, etc.) – first name, second name, date of birth, e-mail address and the photo of a User, etc.

The Administration has the rights to require services from third parties to collect information about Website users with the help of cookies files for the purpose to improve the Websites and services.


The Administration shall use User personal data due to peculiarities of work activities – providing services via the Internet, and apply it for the following purposes:

  • to support the Website functioning as the structural means to render services by publishing the Website advertising, commercial and other informational materials available for the public;
  • to calculate the amount of payment for certain types of products and services;
  • to search and analyze the reasons for possible malfunctions;
  • to define and analyze the preferences and requests of Users via accessing the latter to different Website pages, and modify the offered services based on the analyses to meet the expectation and demands of the Users;
  • to inform Users about services and Websites innovations;
  • to provide Users with marketing and other offers;
  • to settle the possible disputes and disagreements;
  • to analyze the Website visiting statistics and evaluate the interest to the Websites;
  • other purposes connected with improving the Website


The Administration shall use different tools to protect Users’ personal data from unauthorized access or information disclosure. And, and at the same time, the Administration does not warrant and is not liable for the action of third parties who performed illegal access to Users’ confidential information. The Administration reserve the right to use and disclose certain information from User personal data due to potential or factual conflict and judicial proceeding as in the case if it is necessary to protect the rights, privacy, and safety of other Users’ working pattern.

Access to User personal data is allowed as well as for:

  • Bodies whose rights and obligations to access the corresponding information regulated by the law of Ukraine;
  • Bodies and organizations which provide support of services of the Website in the volume necessary for the support of the kind.

User rights as a personal data subject. The user has the right:

  • to receive the information on the Administration location as a holder/disposer of his/her personal data;
  • to request the Website Administration to specify his/her personal data;
  • to apply the means of legal defense in the event of a violation of the law on protection of personal


The User agrees with the fact that confidentiality transferred via the Internet is not guaranteed if the access to the data is received by the third parties beyond the area of technical communications.

The Website Administration is not liable for the damage caused by such access.


The Website Administration may use any information collected through the Websites for the purpose to improve the content of the Websites, to revise, to transfer the information to the User (upon requests) for marketing or research purposes as well as for other purposes compliant with the existing legislation of Ukraine.