About Chef

Pastry chef, restaurants owner

Best Pastry Chef 2022,

Pastry Chef of the year 2019

“Hello, I am Antonio Bachour and I started my professional career in pastry when I was 17.

I have more than 30 years of experience in creating and producing pastries. I had an honor to work with Four Seasons Hotels, Trump Hotels, St. Regis Hotels at ONE to THREE Michelin Stars Restaurants.

I started my own pastry and restaurant business in 2015 by opening Bachour Miami pastry shop. Now I am the owner of 2 more restaurants in Miami.

During the last 10 years I published 6 books on Chocolate, Plated Desserts, Viennoiserie and other pastries.

Today I invite you to prepare with me a range of bright pastries: Red tart, Delice individual cake, Exotic finger bar, Millefeuille individual cake, Paris-Brest choux pastry, Croissant tart, Chocolate & Caramel tart, Blond tartlet.

To make this course useful and exciting, I selected different types of pastries to provide you with a number of foolproof recipes and techniques which I apply daily in Bachour Miami pastry shop.

Each pastry will delight you with its bright look & flavor!