About Chef

Tutor of the International Culinary Academy KICA

Hi everyone!

I’m Vitalina Petrunok and I make cakes for people who do not eat regular desserts due to food allergies, a desire to lose weight, or because they want to have a healthy diet.

5 years ago, due to health issues, I had to radically reconsider my eating habits. I completely gave up foods containing sugar, lactose and gluten. I am a sweet tooth and I love hosting guests, so in order to live a full life I came up with a solution – making my own gluten, lactose and sugar free cakes. I worked on each cake dozens of times, in order to achieve the desired taste and appearance.

A new approach to nutrition led to my digestion improving and my skin, hair and nails looking better than ever before. What’s more, my dizziness and chronic fatigue were gone. Now I’m 44 years old, 164 cm tall and weigh 54 kg, and I feel great!

My cakes differ from regular desserts. That being said, I’m sure you will enjoy their flavors. Together, we will prepare 5 cakes: a Honey cake, a Chocolate Date cake, an Orange and Coconut cake, an Avocado, Coffee and Orange cake and an Apricot and Cottage Cheese cake.

Usually, sugar and wheat-free cakes can be difficult to make attractive for the pastry showcase. In my course, I will show you that these cakes can not only be healthy and tasty, but also beautiful in appearance and cut. These desserts will decorate your pastry display with elegance.

See you on my “Gluten, Lactose and Sugar Free Cakes” course!