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Fill your kitchen with the aroma of tradition and bake this Panettone with our video class

The process is like a meditation. Relieve you from the heavy thoughts. Just one touch to this amazing dough texture, its tender scent will calm your soul and raise mood.

And when Panettone is ready and everything went perfect – the real celebration at home begins.

See how light and magic texture Pannetone has if you do it with video recipe with our brand-chef Oleksandr Trofimenkov.

If you will follow his advices, you will get light and fluffy texture, that you never got before

In this video recipe you will learn:

  • – How to prepare dried fruits for the Panettone dough, make them even more fragrant and flavored.
  • – How to make the starter for Panettone, that will make the dough elastic, bounce and give it porous and air texture
  • – How to make perfect main dough for Panettone.
  • – Panettone forming techniques that will help you to make it perfect shape for backing
  • – How to make classical glaze for coating Panettone to obtain beautiful cracks on the surface
  • – The right way to bake and cool Panettone to keep it`s shape and texture.
KICAClass details
6 textures
Easy-to-follow recipe
26 min
Lesson duration
The recipe in printable PDF format
Class chat
Ask your pastry instructor questions on the recipe
Course Language
Audio: English, Subtitles: English
12 months
Access to the video lesson and recipe
Candied dried fruit
3 min
Bread starter
2 min
Panettone dough
8 min
Forming and proofing the panettoni
7 min
Almond glaze
2 min
Coating, decorating and baking the panettone
4 min
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Yes, our videos are structured to offer step-by-step guidance and practical demonstrations to facilitate learning.

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Yes, our classes are accessible across various devices including phones, tablets, and computers for your convenience in learning.

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No prior experience is required for most of our classes. We offer classes suitable for beginners as well as more advanced bakers.

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You can use the class forum to contact pastry support instructors who are typically involved in all pastry-related issues.

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You can check out our list of TOP pastry online stores and purchase the necessary ingredients.

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You can find all the information you need here: about KICA Academy.

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