Senior Executive Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Dubai
Asia's Best Pastry Chef 2018

Nicolas Lambert

Hello, everyone! I'm Nicolas Lambert.

Coming from a family of boulangers and patissiers, my passion for pastry has been lifelong.

I started my career at 15 years old as a pastry apprentice. After years of experience working in both artisanal pastry shops and huge production environments, notably, at Patisserie Sebastien Bouillet in Lyon, I moved to Paris to work at The Plaza Athene as a Chef de Partie. Here, I got to experience the world of hotel business and had the honour of working under the great Christoph Michalak.

I then worked in Cannes as a sous-chef for Jerome de Oliveria and learnt how to manage a big production kitchen. During my career in France, I become the youngest winner of the Festival National de Croquembouche and won the Prix Spécial Présentation Bonbons.

Later, I worked at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong as a Pastry Chef at the two star Michelin restaurant Caprice. During my time in Hong Kong, I was twice elected Best Pastry Chef for Hong Kong and Macau by Tatler Magazine. And in 2018, I was chosen as the youngest ever Asia's Best Pastry Chef according to The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

Today, I invite you to join my ambitious course - ideal for perfectionists. In this course, you will be taught how to make classic French haute cuisine and present it in an elegant and contemporary fashion. All of the recipes are specially selected for their rich and palatable flavors.

As a student of mine, you shall learn recipes that are used in professional French cuisine, thus reaching a new level of knowledge, skill and experience. You shall learn how to prepare choux au craquelin, silky whipped ganache, Linzer dough, marzipan sponge, xanthan-based meringue, whipped jelly and much, much more.

Come with me and explore the world of haute cuisine.

Join my course and discover how to prepare the finest modern French pastries
Nicolas Lambert
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