Three Modern French Pastries


Senior Executive Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Dubai

Learn how to make 3 modern French pastries

Learn from Nicolas Lambert how to make 3 of the finest modern French pastries: Vanilla and Caramel Puff, Strawberry and Pistachio Pie Tartlet and a Coconut Caramel and Lime Cake.

On this course:

  • Master how to make 3 modern French pastries created by Chef Nicolas Lambert, a current Senior Executive Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Dubai
  • Use foolproof recipes and techniques from this course to drive your pastry business
  • Learn how to assemble and decorate modern pastries created for gourmet restaurants and esteemed pastry boutiques

Who is this course for?

  • Pastry students looking to make modern pastries.

You want foolproof recipes, techniques, guidance and support from a professional instructor. You want to prove your skills with a certificate.

  • Coffee shop, pastry shop or home bakery owners.

You are looking for fancy pastries that will enrich your patisserie assortment with new flavors, increase sales and attract new customers.

  • Pastry professionals interested in NICOLAS LAMBERT’s pastry concept.

You want to find out how Chef Nicolas Lambert creates his modern French pastries, while learning and trying out his original recipes.

KICACourse details
12 months
Access to the video classes and recipes
3 Classes
Step-by-step video guides
The recipes in printable PDF format
Course chat
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Course Language
Audio: English, Subtitles: English
Signed by the course author
vanilla and caramel puff pastries decorated with the chantilly swirls and pecan pieces in a close view
Vanilla and Caramel Puff Pastry
two strawberry and pistachio tartlets decorated with the strawberry segments, the strawberry coulis and caramelized pistachios
Pistachio Strawberry Tartlet
big advanced course coconut caramel and lime cake
Coconut, Caramel and Lime Cake
Lesson Plan
Caramelized pecan nuts
2 min
Pecan praline
4 min
Caramel cream
10 min
Vanilla chantilly cream
5 min
2 min
Making and baking the choux paste
8 min
Deep-fried pecans
Assembling the vanilla-pecan-caramel choux
8 min
Lesson Plan
Gelatin mass
1 min
Pistachio sponge
8 min
Linzer dough
8 min
Coating the tartlet shells with the egg wash
3 min
Pistachio сhantilly
2 min
Strawberry marmalade
4 min
Strawberry coulis
3 min
Caramelized pistachios
4 min
Assembling and decorating the tartlet
11 min
Lesson Plan
Coconut dacquoise sponge
6 min
Coconut meringue
6 min
Caramel and lime mousse
6 min
4 min
Coconut chantilly cream
3 min
Liquid caramel
6 min
Coconut chips
3 min
Decorating the coconut, caramel and lime cake
9 min
Dispel your doubts:

watch a sample of this course
Dispel your doubts:
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All course participants have access to the learning platform where they can post their work, ask the instructor any questions, and exchange their thoughts and experiences with other students.

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The applicants with any level of pastry background are accepted.

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Find all the necessary pastry ingredients in our list of TOP pastry online stores.

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You will receive a certificate of successful completion of the course in English from KICA Academy.

How can I obtain the course certificate?

You receive a certificate of successful completion of the course in case of submission of all the tasks in time of the course.

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As a rule, your experience, skills and a Certificate that confirms it - is enough for an employer.

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What is the difference between professional recipes and free amateur ones from the Internet? 

Our recipes are made by professional pastry chefs, tested multiple times, aiming for consistent and high-quality results. Recipes from the Internet may vary more as they are often shared based on personal experiences and preferences. The outcomes can vary in different situations. 

Can I access course materials and videos after completing the course?

You will have access to the course materials during the year after the purchase.

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You will have an opportunity to purchase the extent of the course during 6 months after the end of the course.